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E2031 Anti-theft Rail Clip for Railway Fastening System
Detailed introduction:


E2031 Anti-theft Rail Clip for Railway Fastening System


E2031 Rail Clip



Skl clip (skl12,skl4,skl21 etc.)

E clip (e1809, e2009,e2031,e2055,e2051,etc) 

 Or the type by customers' drawings






Chemical composition(%)

C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.60-2.00, Cr:≤0.35, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.56-0.64, Mn:0.40-0.70, Si:1.40-1.80,Cr:0.70-1.00 P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.52-0.60, Mn:0.60-0.90, Si:1.50-2.00,Cr:≤0.35  P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03

C:0.35-0.42, Mn:0.50-0.80, Si:1.50-1.80, P:≤0.03, S:≤0.03


For e clip: 44-48HRC
For skl clip: 42-47HRC

Fatigue life

for Dia.18 is 3 millions cycles without breaking  
for Dia.20 is 5 millions cycles without breaking


plain (oiled), Oxide black, color painting, HDG, Zinc Plating...

Standard refers

DIN17221, BS970, GB/T1222


Warranty: 5 Million Times Without Crack

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6. Tie plate/ Base plate / Rail plate/ Rail fixing base 
7. Fish plate / Joint bar / Rail joint/ Splice Bar 
8. Track bolt/ T bolt / Rail bolt/ Clamp bolt/ Inserted bolt/ Clip bolt/ Fish bolt/ Square bolt/ Rod bolt /Rail joint bolt 
9. Rail Shoulder/ Rail sleeper Inserts/ Rail Anchors for rail sleepers


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