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rubber compounds
Detailed introduction:

Rubber compounds

The so-called "mixing of rubber compounds" is to weigh different raw materials by mechanical methods and process of rubber evenly mixed together.And the process resulting from the end product is rubber compounds, namely the semi-finished rubber.
Luda company rubber mixing center is equipped with advanced automatic rubber mixing equipment, rubber mixing process is more efficient, safety and efficient.We can supply the rubber compounds according to customers’ requirement, and then through finishing vulcanization, made the rubber parts customers’  required.
Our company can produce all kinds of performance of rubber compounds: such as the following performance: heat aging resistance, liquid resistance, cold resistant performance, compression degeneration resistance, ozone resistance, high oil, high temperature resistant, high insulation resistance.
Application:For auto parts, car’s main shaft oil seal, before and after the crankshaft oil seal, power steering pump seal, drive pump seal, dust cover, power steering hose, 175 degrees of radiator hose.and the railway rubber parts,etc.

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